Why BusinessLogica?

BusinessLogica is a powerful, cloud based “end-to-end” business solution which has constantly been improved and maintained for over 20 years.

System utilises a powerful “single access point” digital platform which efficiently integrates and combines capabilities of 20 easy-to-use applications, organised into:

  • Sales Suite
  • Marketing Suite
  • CRM and
  • Business Process Management back-end office

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business logica structure and explanation


These allows efficient control of various business processes, including:

  • Leads Collection
  • Remote Team Performance Control
  • Secure data Protocols
  • Leads Nurturing
  • Workflow optimisations
  • Automatic KPI’s
  • and more…
  • Leads Distribution
  • Automatic underwriting
  • CRM
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling
  • Key Account management
  • Intelligent Time Sheets
  • Leads Processing
  • Leads management
  • Data Mining
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Score Card System
  • Rewards Program

Enable your business to:

  • Manage all lines of business in a single application to provide greater visibility for better customer servicing and quicker identification of cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Standardize and automate workflows to increase data consistency for more accurate reporting and operational time savings.
  • Have centralized view monitoring and reporting for optimal business performance management against company's score card and measures.
  • Optimise internal processes and response time.
  • Monitor, control and improve consultants and key account managers performance.

Core Capabilities

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Customer Relationship Management

Quickly segment customer information through built-in data filtering and integrate them into marketing and sales campaigns.

Get to know your customer’s behaviour and empower communication with them through the Customer Portal.

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Sales System

Capture leads directly from web site or social ad campaigns and automatically distribute, allocate and process them.

Integrate intelligent sales automation like policy underwriting processes and much more.

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Marketing System

Spot marketing and sales signals and activate “triggers” by sending relevant content right when customers want it.

Drive upsell and cross sell activities, run sales and marketing campaigns and much more…

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Remote Teams Management

Empower managers to track the productivity levels of remote workforce.

Get real-time reports of every remote employee and ensure they’re performing adequately.

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Key Account Management

Enable greater business process management capabilities and pre-built workflows.

Monitor, control and improve Key Account Managers performance, while empowering them to elevate the relationship with clients.

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Score Card Management

Provides top management with crucial information about entire business performance – 24/7/365

Get real-time information for optimal business performance management.

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Call Centre Integration

Interface with various call centre management software via API or Internet service, without need to replace the existing Call Centre system.

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Integration with existing systems

Integrate Business Logica via various methods into existing business applications and enhance current business processes.

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Business Process Management

Achieve greater visibility for better customer servicing and quicker identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and more!

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